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Auction No : 1

Lot : 94

Category : Ancient

Lot Material : Gold

Estimated Price : ₹. 350000 - 450000

Guptas, Kumaragupta I (c. 414-455 AD), Gold Dinar, 8.02gms, ‘Lion-slayer’ type, Obv: King standing right, wearing a dhoti and arm bracelets, a sash flowing from his waist, drawing a bow and shooting an arrow right into the mouth of the lion while the lion falls back, with Brahmi legend ‘Sakshadiva [narasimhah] simhanahendro [jayatyanisam]’ around, Rev: Goddess seated facing with one leg raised up and the other hanging down, seated on a lion reclining to right, holding lotus in left hand and diadem with her right hand, tamgha to left and Brahmi legend ‘Srimahendrasimhah’ in the right field (Altekar Class II, Var. C, S. Kumar, TOTGE, Class II, Var.D), Extremely Fine, Very Rare.

Sold for : ₹. 350000
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