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Auction No : 2

Lot : 30

Category : Ancient

Lot Material : Gold

Estimated Price : ₹. 55000 - 65000

Later-Kushana, Samatata Region, Gold dinar imitating Kushan coin design, (400-500 AD), 6.45g, Obv: King wearing Kushan-style helmet and tunic, standing offering a sacrifice at an altar, holding a trident, crude Brahmi-like legend around, Rev: Nimbate goddess, holding a flower, inspired by the Kushan 'Nana', facing right; stylised legend in the left field and a Tamgha-like symbol to right. (ECB SAM1B.2 & CNG Auct.29, Lot101).

Extremely Fine, Rare.

Sold for : ₹. 55000
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