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We take pride in providing expert opinion for your valuables with decades of experience in Collecting & Trading coins + notes

  • Vast knowledge in all categories of coins & notes from all periods.
  • Free Expert Evaluation/Estimate just by sharing images through WhatsApp
  • We beat market rate and give users 2 options:
    1. Sell right away - We buy as is on spot with the Estimated Market Value and pay directly Or
    2. Consign - You have the option to take 50% of Estimated Market Value and consign the collectible in our upcoming auctions and the balance will be paid post auction.
  • We promise that the items will be handled with utter care and we will ensure that your items will be safe with us.

To Sell/Consign, please don’t hesitate to reach us directly via email/WhatsApp at the following details. Please make sure to attach high quality pictures of both Obverse(Front) and Reverse(Back) when communicating with us.

Name: Karan Dodlawar

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +91 90110 22213